The Artist: Michael Kinsley

Michael Kinsley

Michael’s painting captures the dynamism of the natural world; the mounting tension between the majesty of Nature and her evanescent beauty. Some of his work, in its painstaking detail, reflects the outlook and time-honored ideals of traditional schools of landscape painting. Other canvases convey an almost melancholy urgency, as if the artist were hurrying to capture a fleeting beauty. These, with their thick oils, fast strokes and heightened colors, have the kind of vibrancy, intensity and insistence usually associated with impressionism.

Whether small and intimate (9″ x 12″), much larger (60″ x 72″), or in between, Kinsley brings this uniquely powerful and poetic perspective to his art. The passion and immediacy one feels even among his most imposing scenes reflect his own deeply felt connection to the land he paints and on whose behalf he has worked for forty years. Despite their apparent serenity and immutability, the viewer often detects the feeling, as the artist clearly does, that these beloved scenes are in jeopardy.

Surprising to those who have known his landscapes for years, Michael’s work now includes abstracts, most of which interpret natural phenomena, especially rock textures and patterns. He is now beginning to explore the space between representational and abstract images.

Kinsley lives in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, which is often the subject of his work. And he travels frequently to Utah’s magnificent canyons, where he also sketches and paints.

Kinsley shows at Aspen’s Red Brick and Chapel Galleries, the Toklat Gallery in Basalt Colorado, and various other local venues. He has shown at the Carbondale-Art’s Launchpad Gallery, Basalt’s ArtBase gallery, Redstone Labor Day Art Show, Aspen Artists Cooperative, Woody Creek Art Studio, Carbondale Artworks, Upper Edge Gallery, Redstone Art Center, and the Leadville Mining Museum.